Our vCIO Services Power Your Digital Transformation

Get the technology direction and expertise you need for IT success

Improve Your IT Operations with Our vCIO Services

If you’re a small or medium-size business, you likely consider having a chief information officer on staff a luxury. After all, many business owners view IT as a cost center. And let’s face it, a good CIO will cost you a pretty penny. That’s where vCIO services can help.

A vCIO provides the insights and direction of a full-time CIO without breaking the bank. So, you’ll get the IT expertise you need to create a technology roadmap that drives your digital transformation.

Our vCIO services ensure that your existing IT infrastructure remains healthy and secure. We also take the steps necessary to align your business and IT because that’s how we can drive your revenue and business success.

Equally important, we’ll work with you as a managed service provider to develop long-term strategic IT goals, as well as identify opportunities designed to drive your innovation.

vCIO Services Deliver the Guidance You Need for IT Business Decisions

Access the Knowledge and Expertise of a CIO without the Expense

Without a CIO on staff, you could lose the strategic direction one affords — our vCIO services close that gap. We’ll work with you to map a path for your IT operation today and tomorrow. As result, you’ll get the same attention and focus that you would from having your own CIO. And you’ll benefit from the expertise we provide from working with other SMBs in your industry.

Our vCIO services give you the expertise you need to improve your IT infrastructure.

Here’s how we’ll work with you:

vCIO Services Identify Opportunities and Risks with Your IT Services

5 Benefits to Having a Virtual Chief Information Officer

A vCIO offers the efficiency, flexibility, and expertise you need to help future-proof your IT strategy. Best of all, it does so at a manageable price point. You’ll get the same benefits of having your own CIO for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s how we’ll help:

Analyzing Your IT Environment

Our vCIO services start by taking a deep dive into your IT infrastructure — from your hardware and software to your network and business practices. We’ll even review how your staff uses IT daily to maximize their productivity.

That assessment allows us to uncover both risks and opportunities. After that assessment, we’ll draft a scalable Action Plan designed to optimize your infrastructure.

Plus, we’ll review that plan with you quarterly at your site to make sure we’re hitting the mark. We understand that businesses and circumstances evolve, so we’ll adapt our programs to accommodate those changes with an eye on cost savings and increased operational efficiencies.

Establishing a Cost-Effective Budget

We’ll work with you to establish a budget based on cost optimization strategies. After all, the technologies deployed need to deliver an appropriate return on investment for your organization. We want to make sure you spend wisely in areas where you’ll benefit the most. So, you’ll get monthly budget reports informing you about spend and presenting adjustments as required.

Improving Your Shareholder Value

Our vCIO services focus on improving your operations to impact employees, clients, and your supply chain positively. For example, we may recommend moving to a VoIP service if your workforce is typically remote. VoIP improves collaboration with any time, anywhere access.

Future-Proofing Your IT Operations

Like everything else, technology changes. It’s our job to research and recommend new technologies and practices that deliver better IT solutions to your business. Just as important, we’ll make sure any updates to your IT environment conform to the roadmap with minimal invasiveness.

We’ll also work with you to create a roadmap that pinpoints IT investments and evolving technologies to streamline your business operations. That roadmap will also focus on how we can use technology to increase your competitive advantage.

Keeping Your Business Safe

Cybersecurity concerns dominate the thinking of every business today. Our vCIO services take that responsibility seriously. So, we’ll continually review and assess your infrastructure to make sure we eliminate security risks. We’ll also make sure you have a plan for business continuity and disaster recovery if the worst happens to restore your operations within 24 hours.

We’ll present proven methodologies for reducing your attack surface like endpoint security, multi-factor authentication, zero-trust, cybersecurity awareness training, and much more. In short, we’ll make sure we layer in the utmost protection possible using our cybersecurity services while respecting your budgets.

Because our vCIO works with and enlists the expertise of our trained technicians, you’ll get 24/7 availability of IT services near you.

Improve the Efficiency and Productivity of Your IT Environment

Capture all the benefits of a CIO without the expense. Talk to our IT company about our vCIO services today. They’re affordable and designed to create an IT strategy for your business that will put you on the road to success.