IT Solutions for Law Firms

Is Your Law Firm Ready for Digital Transformation?

Law Firms Are Taking Advantage of More IT Services Following COVID

Investment in IT solutions for law firms is on the rise considerably due to the pandemic. COVID flattened budgets as well as staffing levels. But that didn’t stop legal workloads from increasing. As a result, the legal industry has turned its sights on technology to level the playing field.

Gartner predicts tech budgets will increase three times current levels. From 2017 through 2020, legal firms spent anywhere from 2.6 to 3.9 percent of the department budget. Gartner projects that figure to rise to 12 percent through 2025.

Where increased budgets are concerned, firms will have to select from a dizzying array of technology solutions. That makes it difficult, costly, and time-consuming for firms to identify appropriate solutions. This is why investment in IT services for law firms is paramount.

Managed IT services for law firms is crucial in navigating the complex landscape of technology solutions. The expertise of managed IT services can streamline the process of identifying and implementing the right IT solutions for law firms. Having reliable law firm IT services becomes a strategic advantage.

IT Solutions for Law Firms Are Focused on Digitization

Digitization Helps Deliver a Better Client Experience

Lawyers endured the same issues as other professional service providers owing to the pandemic. Meetings and client interactions moved away from traditional face-to-face interactions and toward video conferencing. Remote working also became center stage.

Digital transformation and automation deliver many benefits, chief among them reduced costs, increased productivity, and greater efficiency. Digitization of legal documents, for example, has been a major focus of law firms.

Equally important, migration to an improved technology stack helps improve client experience. Doing so helps differentiate your firm from your competitors. 

As an IT company near you in Harrisburg, we can help you take advantage of what digital transformation has to offer.

Technology Solutions for Law Firms

  • Cloud Services

    Only 58% of law firms use cloud storage, according to the ABA 2020 Legal Technology Survey. Equally important, most legal firms have relied on consumer cloud services despite encryption and other security concerns. Firms will migrate to cost-effective cloud hosting and SaaS solutions this year. These moves free IT resources for greater cybersecurity while providing staff with more productive tools to save time and money.

  • Cybersecurity Services

    Despite declarations to the contrary, only 31% of respondents in the 2020 Survey employ even commonly used cybersecurity measures like secure socket layer (SSL). Unfortunately, law firms are prime target for hackers owing the sensitivity of data and the volume of data stored. Ransomware is one of the greatest risks for legal firms. As a result, legal offices will become selective when choosing a cybersecurity company.

  • Virtual Firms

    The pandemic has accelerated migration to virtual firms. Permanent offices and office square footage are in decline. Cloud services allow firms to move their enterprise infrastructure. Firms can cut costs and increase revenue.

  • Artificial Intelligence & Workflow Automation

    AI better equips law firms to automate daily tasks. That frees time to focus on more specialized tasks. It also supports delivery of an improved client experience. Artificial intelligence, along with workflow automation, delivers improved solutions for translation services, bilingual filings, contract review, firm management, billing, document management, and more. “Lawbots,” once predicted to handle a quarter of legal requests by 2023, will become more prolific.

How Our Managed Services Deliver Better IT Solutions

With the technology demands facing legal firms, it’s easy to understand how fully managed IT services, or even co-managed IT services, can provide answers. Small IT teams can be overwhelmed. As a local MSP, we can augment your team to reduce its workload.

Equally important, you gain access to another level of technical expertise. What if you’d like to move to cloud services, for example, but have no one on your IT team conversant in the technology? Just contact us as a managed service provider, and we can deliver law firm IT support services and management for the project.

From improving uptime and cybersecurity to gaining 24/7 technical support, here are some areas where our IT services can help.

Cloud solutions deliver 2.1 times the ROI of on-premises solutions, according to Nucleus Research. Why?

  • Data Access: Workforces, especially in professional services, were already becoming more mobile. The pandemic served to increase the numbers. Our cloud services offer your remote workers, not to mention business partners, access to data anytime, anywhere.
  • Outdated Software: With cloud computing, say goodbye to software that’s outdated. Cloud platforms are always current. Plus, you’ll have no worries about software installation, backups, or failover plans.
  • Lower Costs: A cloud platform costs infinitely less to implement than an on-premise solution. You’ll also need fewer resources as fees for the platform count as an operating expense vs. capital expenditure.

The average cost of a data breach to an SMB in the U.S. is roughly $150,000. 47% of SMBs said keeping data secure was their biggest challenge.

A breach impacts your bottom line as well as client confidence. Legal ramifications also come into play. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enacted a law in 2018. California followed suit and passed a similar law in January 2020. Fines are $2,500 per violation.

Even if you feel confident, we can give you another set of eyes to make sure. We can also support you with management, policy creation, and cyber awareness training for employees. Our IT company can even move your data to a cloud platform to enhance your cybersecurity.

VoIP service addresses the need for agility. For starters, you scale up or down quickly because VoIP phones are affordable and easy to deploy. There are no phone lines.

Thanks to an array of features, VoIP systems improve productivity and connectivity. Reliability also improves. And you’ll have no hardware worries.

You also enjoy savings vs. conventional landlines. You’ll benefit from a 75% reduction in operational costs, not to mention a 40% reduction in costs for local calls.

You’ve seen the data … 60% of small businesses fold with six months of a cyber-attack. That happens because nearly that same percentage of small businesses lacks a cybersecurity defense plan.

We can devise a business continuity plan to help you prepare for a disaster. That BCDR plan can limit your downtime during a disruption. It protects all aspects of your firm, including network, data, equipment, inventory, intellectual capital, and more.

Downtime costs the average small and medium-sized business $5,600 per minute. The quicker you can resolve any issues to shorten downtimes, the smaller your losses. A business continuity plan will do just that.

Get World-Class IT Support

We’ve delivered IT solutions for legal firms in Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Carlisle, and Reading. FutureChannels routinely acknowledges our IT company as a world-class MSP. More importantly, our clients give us a 98% satisfaction rating.

We can help you sort through the challenges presented by digital transformation and its disruptions. We’ll deliver the right IT solutions that will drive value to your business. Let’s get started. Contact us today.

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