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Begin with the Basics.
What is VoIP Service?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. So rather than placing phone calls over a landline, calls get routed through an internet connection. The service has been around since the late 1990s. Today, more and more businesses are taking advantage of the service.

A traditional telephone network uses analog lines to carry voice signals. That requires wiring. As a result, the more lines you need, the more wiring you need.

With a VoIP phone system, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. Digital phones, for example, use high-speed internet for connectivity. Consequently, your call is converted to data and forwarded via the internet. You can use Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi for your internet service.

There’s no need for a phone company. So, all you need is a broadband connection. For key statistics associated with VoIP phone service, check out FinancesOnline. And you can read more about VoIP phones for business here.

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Get Lower Costs with Increased Accessibility

VoIP Service Delivers More Capabilities Than Your Standard Land Line Setup

The list of features for your small business goes on and on, including call recording, call monitoring, CRM integration, disaster recovery, click-to-dial, and so much more. It’s like having a phone system on steroids!

Access Desktop and Mobile Apps

You can install an application on your computer or mobile device. The software lets you make calls, join video conferencing, exchange texts, and more. It makes working remotely that much easier. It also improves customer service.

Collaborate with Unified Communications

You can fully integrate company communications with VoIP service. That allows for connectivity with employees and customers. Additionally, a unified communications (UC) platform opens the door for instant messaging, team chats, call forwarding, screen sharing, video conferencing, conference calling, and applications.

Set Up an Auto-Attendant

You can use an auto-attendant to direct callers to the right person or department. So, calls can be forwarded to your voicemail or elsewhere

No Need to Worry About Security

IP phones have built-in security to prevent tapping into calls. You can encrypt your calls with TLS and SRTP that scramble calls to avoid others from listening.

Get BetterCall Quality

VoIP uses high-definition (HD) to increase and improve the sound quality of calls versus an analog phone service. You’ll get double the call clarity. You can even use noise-canceling capabilities to make calls sound clearer.

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7 Benefits of VoIP Service

  • Eliminate Hardware and Setup Costs

    With VoIP phone systems, there's no need for on-premise equipment. It's in the cloud. You share the burden for hardware, software, and maintenance with other subscribers, so costs are reduced.

  • Fast Setup with the Ability to Customize Your System

    A web interface lets you manage setup, feature management, and phone numbers. There's no programming or IT support required.

  • VoIP Phone System Scale Easily

    As your business grows, you can add phones without setup worries. All it takes is a phone call to your VoIP provider or accessing a web portal. There's no hassle attached to paying for extra lines when you add a user.

  • Improve Flexibility and Mobility

    A remote workforce has become the norm since the pandemic. VoIP service removes the constraint of being tied to a specific location. They also eliminate transferring services or phone numbers to those locations.

  • Count the Savings

    All of these above benefits add up to savings. Savings on phone bills. Savings on maintenance. Savings on phone line costs. Savings on operations. Guaranteed.

  • Increase Employee Productivity

    Workers have immediate access to messages. Voicemail messages, for example, can be received as an email. According to Sage Research, increased employee productivity amounts to nearly four hours a week owing to internet telephony.

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