Are Cloud Services Right For Your Business?

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Cloud Solutions Aren't Always the Best Approach.

Many cloud service providers and IT companies present cloud services as a one-size-fits-all solution. But, the reality is that’s not the case.

Cloud services are simply a tool. Sure, they’re a valuable tool, but a tool nonetheless. And like all tools, you need to make sure you’re using the right one for the job, or it makes things more difficult.

Make sure you establish objectives for your business. Next, determine how and if cloud computing fits your direction. Also, make sure your cloud solution interfaces with other vendors and solutions. If not, you’ll have serious issues right out of the gate.

You can read more about the pros and cons of cloud services here.

Ask yourself these questions if you're considering cloud services

There are even more questions to ask. Do your homework to be sure your move to the cloud is is for the right reasons. In short, make certain a migration is the best approach for your business. Get more insights into cloud vs. on-prem solutions.

Cloud Computing Offers Cost, Efficiency, and Operational Benefits

All that said, it’s not to say cloud services don’t deliver benefits. Consider, we’ve had clients reduce their IT costs up to 25% by deploying a cloud solution. But as a managed cloud services provider, we conduct a FREE in-depth assessment to make sure you’re getting the right answer.

During the free assessment, we conduct the following activities:

  • Assess your network and infrastructure requirements to capture details about your hardware, licenses, data, and applications.

  • Conduct an inventory of your applications and their dependencies.

  • Catalog the technologies used for your applications.

  • Analyze your technology budget to identify areas where you may be overspending.

  • Perform a health-check with a 27-point assessment of your network to uncover potential issues like security loopholes, spyware, faulty firewalls, and much more.

  • Review your business infrastructure to determine how your employees work and share information.

Following this granular review, we can determine what applications and processes can move to the cloud. Plus, we’ll create a detailed Action Plan tailored to your unique business needs that presents how a cloud solution can save you money and improve workflows.

We also make sure we address any concerns regarding cloud security.

And yes, it’s completely FREE even if you elect to go with another cloud services provider. It’s part of the customer experience we provide to every client to drive their IT success.

Increase Accessibility with Cloud Services

Cloud solutions are particularly beneficial to small and midsize businesses to support digital transformation. They deliver increased accessibility to data that is especially useful for a remote workforce.

These benefits make it easy to see why cloud services continue to increase annually. In sum, they allow you to avoid many of the issues inherent with physically based solutions.

5 Benefits of Cloud Services

  • Greater Efficiency & Cost Reduction

    IT has historically been a cost center. But with a cloud infrastructure, you don’t have to invest in hardware, facilities, utilities, or data centers. Because you rely on personnel with your cloud solution provider, even staffing requirements decrease.

  • Data Security

    Cloud services deliver advanced cybersecurity features to safeguard data, including authentication, access control, and encryption. Moreover, you can deploy additional protection for even greater cloud security.

  • Scalability

    You can scale up or down based on business demands. And you can do it with just a phone call to your cloud services provider. As a result, you can reduce your investment in your IT infrastructure.​

  • Disaster Recovery

    With cloud services, your data is always available even if your computer is damaged. If a natural disaster strikes, it’s easy to recover data with a collocated data center. ​

  • Mobility

    Cloud solutions have been a major plus during the pandemic. Why? There’s been a greater reliance on a remote workforce. Now, employees can access company files and data easily via a smartphone or other mobile device. Collaboration is a hallmark of cloud services.​

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