What is RMM?

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Eliminate the Break-Fix Approach to IT Support

Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) monitors endpoints, computers, mobile devices, and your entire IT infrastructure from a centralized console. It gives managed service providers the necessary access to manage client machines. For that matter, it also allows company IT departments to maintain and manage their operation.

COVID has had a significant impact on the RMM market. The increase in remote locations requiring remote networking has accelerated the growth of RMM tools. For example, IT teams and managed IT service providers face more significant challenges in monitoring networks and endpoints from a remote location. Apart from monitoring, RMM tools enable IT personnel to fix network and device issues from anywhere.

Program Capabilities

Management and monitoring capabilities include:

  • Real-time information on the status of client software, hardware, and networks, including any updates
  • Ticket generation following identification of issues
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of network and device status and health
  • Tracking and monitoring of multiple clients and endpoints simultaneously
  • Automation of maintenance tasks

The RMM program installs an agent on client systems and devices. Those agents relay information about client machines. That information allows MSPs or IT personnel to monitor devices and keep them current. But, equally important, it will enable proactive support.

Enjoy More Proactive Solutions

Remote monitoring and management deliver IT support from a central location via a simple control panel. RMM is critical for maintaining a healthy network because it provides proactive solutions. As a result, it’s an essential tool in eliminating the break-fix cycle previously associated with IT support.

Overall, deploying RMM saves time and money while streamlining IT service. It also reduces the number of help desk calls and alerts IT support staff to potential events for fast remediation.

RMM Benefits

For SMBs in particular, RMM delivers enterprise-level automation and monitoring for better overall performance. Key benefits include:

  • Fast Deployment: RMM lets you import devices, endpoints, and users quickly through LDAP and Active Directory integration.
  • Real-Time Communication: Monitoring is real-time allowing for remote fixes to client machines. A single interface lets you view and manage requirements. That allows technicians to triage tickets faster, improve front line fix rates, and resolve issues more quickly often prior to them becoming an issue.
  • Automation: Processes can be reused to accelerate fixes and updates. Process automation also saves time through increased efficiency. Ransomware detection, for example, helps mitigate risks before they disrupt your business. Automated processes include: 
    • Temp files deletion
    • Rebooting
    • Defragmenting
    • Running checkdisk
    • System restoration
    • Software updates and removal
    • System variable updates
    • Reaction to alerts
  • Reporting: RMM tool generate reports on threats, endpoint and device events, users, licensing, software inventory, agent health, and much more.
  • Productivity: Get intelligent alerts, auto-response, and auto-resolution capabilities that drive operational productivity. RMM provides network topology maps, custom dashboards, and widgets for better visualization of data. The enhanced visibility shows how devices are connected to pinpoint issues.
  • Patch Management: Patching can be automated. Updates can be scheduled to minimize system disruption. You can, for example, schedule patches to install every Sunday at a given time. Plus, the status of patches can be viewed and logged for status checks any time. Patch management lets you:
    • Run and install Windows and Microsoft updates
    • Install driver, Java, and Adobe updates
    • Exclude patches
    • Revoke individual patches
    • Implement zero-day patches
    • Report on patch status
    • Reboot
  • Hardware and Software Audits: With an RMM agent deployed on network devices, conducting audits is simple. That’s because the part and serial numbers of servers and workstations is readily available. You can determine warranty status, software copies, get a list of all devices, and more.

Improve Your IT Support with RMM

As a managed IT services provider, we routinely deploy RMM tools for clients. It allows us to deliver better IT support by detecting issues before they occur.  As a result, we can provide better IT solutions relating to cybersecurity services, cloud services, and IT services in general.

Give us a call, and let us put remote monitoring and management to work for you.

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