Don’t Fall for It: Scammers Exploit Trusted Brands to Steal Your Data

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In today’s digital age, scammers have found a sneaky way to bypass your defenses – by masquerading as popular brands you know and trust. These scammers capitalize on the hard-earned reputation of established companies, leveraging their marketing, branding, and consistency to dupe unsuspecting individuals. In this blog post, we’ll delve into their tactics and reveal the top 10 brands scammers are using to deceive you into revealing your private data.

The Art of Deception: How Scammers Trick You

Phishing attacks are the scammers’ weapon of choice. They craft URLs that closely resemble legitimate company websites, using subtle variations that often escape notice. Here’s a glimpse into the subtle tricks scammers employ to catch you off guard:

  1. Character Substitutions: Swapping a zero for the letter “O” or a capital “I” for a lowercase “L.” These minute alterations can easily go unnoticed, especially when you’re quickly scanning an email.
  2. Subdomain Subterfuge: Incorporating words that seem plausible as subdomains, like “”
  3. Domain Extension Distortion: Utilizing different domain extensions, such as “”

Taking their deception a step further, scammers may even set up websites that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Clicking on their links, whether through email, SMS, or social media, can lead to serious consequences.

The Dangers Unveiled

  1. Malware Mayhem: Clicking on a malicious link can trigger an automatic malware download. This malicious software can gather sensitive information from your device, including usernames, credit card numbers, and bank account details.
  2. Data Harvesting Forms: Fake websites often feature forms designed to harvest your information, including login credentials and even credit or bank details.
  3. Redirecting Deception: A seemingly genuine link can lead you to a malicious website where your information is at risk of being stolen.

Brands in the Crosshairs: Top 10 Impersonated Brands

According to Check Point’s Brand Phishing Report, scammers have a hit list of brands they impersonate most frequently. The top 10 brands targeted for phishing attempts in Q2 of 2023 are:

  1. Microsoft (29%)
  2. Google (19.5%)
  3. Apple (5.2%)
  4. Wells Fargo (4.2%)
  5. Amazon (4%)
  6. Walmart (3.9%)
  7. Roblox (3.8%)
  8. LinkedIn (3%)
  9. Home Depot (2.5%)
  10. Facebook (2.1%)

Even if you receive emails from just one of these companies, you’re at risk of falling victim to a scam.

Scammers’ Playbook: Exploiting Brand Identities

Scammers are astute manipulators who tailor their tactics to each brand’s audience. Here are three common phishing attacks employed under reputable brand names:

  1. Unusual Activity Alert: Emails suggesting unauthorized access to your account prompt you to change your password urgently. Leveraging fear, scammers include buttons like “Review Recent Activity” to prompt hasty clicks.
  2. Fake Gift Cards: Scammers send emails claiming you’ve received an e-gift card, redirecting you to a website for redemption or enticing you with a “redeem now” button.
  3. Account Verification Required: Emails asserting your account’s disconnection demand verification. Once you enter your login credentials, scammers gain access to your account.

Defend Yourself: Mitigating the Threat

These scams unfold daily, targeting not only individuals but also unsuspecting employees in organizations. Proper training is crucial to recognizing and addressing these threats. Steps to enhance your network’s security include implementing email monitoring to weed out phishing emails and educating employees to identify suspicious communications.

Take Action: Protecting Your Digital Domain

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