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VoIP Features Deliver Key Benefits

VoIP service continues growing in great measure thanks to its ability to save organizations money. The VoIP market projects to $183.7 billion by 2027, according to Business Wire. Cost savings aside, many VoIP features deliver substantial benefits in collaboration, improved access, greater call clarity, and more.

In particular, SMBs promise accelerated growth (15%) of VoIP services from 2019 through 2025. Two critical factors in that growth include budget constraints and increased workforce mobility. By switching to cloud PBX systems managed by VoIP service providers, SMBS can reduce equipment implementation, maintenance, and training costs.

What VoIP Features Most Benefit SMBs?

The list of VoIP features is seemingly endless. It’s important to note, however, that features vary by VoIP service provider. So, you’ll need to decide what you can live with and without.

That said, most small business owners point to these features as being the most beneficial:

  • Find Me/Follow Me – 77%
  • Handling Phone Calls – 67%
  • Conference Calling – 65%
  • Managing Messages – 63%
  • Mobile IP PBX – 58%
  • Remote Work – 57%

But that’s just a handful of available VoIP features. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best VoIP features for small to mid-sized companies.

Automated AttendantEliminates the need for a receptionist by answering incoming calls and sending them to the appropriate extension. You can couple this feature with Music on Hold.
Call QueueingAutomate the distribution of inbound calls into tiers for better handling of calls.
Call ForwardingInbound calls automatically redirect to another extension or phone number. Receive calls anywhere or let customers access you from multiple phone numbers.
Call NotifySend an email notification to designated employees when a call comes in.
Call Hold & TransferPlace a caller on hold and send them to another extension or phone number.
Call RecordingCalls can be recorded companywide or by an individual. Recorded calls support training, customer service, and sales.
Advanced Call ManagementPrioritize, hold, route, or block incoming calls.
Call ScreeningUse caller ID to filter which calls to decline, accept, escalate, or send to voicemail.
Call FlipTransfer calls from one device to another by pressing a button without disconnecting the line.
VoicemailAdvanced modules include custom greetings and transcription to turn the voicemail into text.
Business Tool IntegrationConnect with ticketing systems, chat, email, CRM integration, and more.
Conference BridgeImprove collaboration, especially among remote teams. Conduct meetings with anyone having an internet-connected device with a microphone.
Video ConferencingConduct virtual meetings and even share screens.
Text MessagingSend and receive text messages through your business phone.
Hot DeskingAccess personalized profiles and configurations from any office phone.
Call MonitoringManagers can listen in on conversations to support training.
Call WhisperingSupport employees by whispering in their ears during a conversation. Only the employee hears your whisper. Call Barge-In allows the manager to take control of the call.
Call AnalyticsCollect, store, and analyze real-time and historical call data to improve your program or call center. Collect data on session metrics, behavioral trends, agent performance, and more.
Call ParkingPlace an active caller on hold and continue the call on another phone extension.
Call PresenceGet visibility over the phone status of everyone in your organization to know who is on a call and unable to answer.
Predictive DialerAutomatically dial numbers from a list.
Custom Ring BackSet the audio heard when someone calls your business.
IVTInteractive Voice Response allows callers to interact with a company’s real-time voice menu.
Mobile AppRun a virtual office on your smartphone.
eFaxSend and receive a fax via an email address.
Push-to-TalkPush a button to connect with people.
SoftphoneMake and receive calls on any device – your desktop, notebook, or tablet.

Even more features are available than listed above. As mentioned, make sure you check with your VoIP service provider to learn their full features.

Ready to Move to VoIP Service?

VoIP service opens a new world of communication possibilities. If you’re ready to make the switch, give us a call. As a VoIP provider near you serving PA, MD, and DE, we’ll get you hooked up with the right VoIP solution for your business.

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