When It Comes to IT Services

Make Sure Your IT Service Provider Checks All the Boxes

The Complexity of IT Services Is Too Much for an SMB to Handle Alone

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, otherwise known as an SMB, a managed IT services provider is generally the lifeblood of your IT operation. As an SMB, you simply can’t afford to pay for all the required expertise to manage and support your IT environment.

An IT director alone typically costs you triple figures. IT support staff costs start at $50,000 and work their way up in the Central PA area. The more staff required, the more your overhead costs increase. And often without addressing all the nuances of your IT infrastructure.

Think about it. For starters, there’s networking, help desk support, cloud solutions, desktop computing, and mobile computing. Then, there’s your one overriding concern – cybersecurity. And it comes with varying levels of expertise required. Plus, the requirement for 24/7 support to get the job done right.

We get it. We’ve spent 15-plus years catering to the SMB market. We’ve designed our IT solutions to address your business’s specific needs, and IT needs. You’ll gain access to all the tiers of IT services your business demands while reducing the expense of in-house staff.

Selecting the Right IT Services Provider​

So, how do you find the right provider? It starts with understanding your needs and goals. 

Do you want to offload your support completely to a qualified IT company? If so, managed IT services are the answer. We’ll become your IT department. You run your business, and we’ll handle all the requisite IT services.

On the other hand, if you have a reasonably well-staffed IT department but lack specific expertise, co-managed IT services may be the answer. You select the area you want to enhance, and we’ll deliver the IT support you need for that single area, cloud services, for example.

Regardless of the route, you need to ensure your IT company has the credentials to deliver appropriate IT solutions to support your business.

7 Promises We'll Make to You as Your IT Services Provider

We’ve tailored our business to ensure you get the IT support and commitment necessary to drive your IT success. Here are seven promises we’ll make when you work with our IT company:

  • You'll Always Get a Fast Response

    We don't mess around when it comes to delivering fixes to your concerns. Call us, and you'll get an answer. Present us with a problem, and you'll get it fixed quickly – usually within three hours. We even back up our services with a Services Delivery Scorecard. You'll have access to metrics that demonstrate we're doing the job for you.

  • You'll Get Proactive IT Solutions

    We're not a computer repair shop. Yes, we'll take care of your equipment as required. But more important, we're IT consultants. We deliver proactive IT solutions designed to prevent issues from happening in the first place. We'll make sure your business takes advantage of technology updates that alleviate potential concerns. Our goal is to future-proof your business to the greatest extent possible.

  • Your Business Will Be Virtually Hack-Free

    It's no longer sufficient to install a firewall and anti-virus software and think your business is safe. Our cybersecurity services start with the premise that it takes multiple security layers to protect your data. So, we protect our clients with endpoint security, multi-factor authentication, and cyber awareness training, to name a few. Most important, we'll back you with a security operations center to detect and ward off cyber threats in advance. Plus, we'll provide data backups in the event a disaster strikes.

  • You'll Enjoy Advanced Planning with a Virtual Chief Information Officer

    When you work with us as a managed services provider, you'll gain the insights of a full-time CIO with our vCIO services. We'll create a technology roadmap to drive your company's digital transformation while aligning your business and IT requirements to drive revenue. We'll limit your risks so you can stop worrying about cyber threats.

  • You'll Get IT Support Around the Clock

    IT requires 24/7/365 support, no questions asked. We'll monitor your IT environment continuously to uncover points of attack and mitigate them to keep your company safe. And remember, you'll gain additional support from our SOC.

  • You'll Benefit from Experience

    We've supported SMBs for more than 15 years now. We understand your needs. After all, we're an SMB ourselves. Our technical staff brings expertise from various IT specialties, so you'll always have access to industry knowledge. We're also versed in different market segments like law firms, manufacturing, nonprofits, accounting, healthcare, and municipalities.

  • You'll Never Get Nickle and Dimed

    A lot of IT service providers attract you with low costs. Unfortunately, those costs don't reflect projects. Worse still, they fail to deliver comprehensive IT solutions that solve your problems. You'll never be surprised by our bill at the end of the month. What you see is what you get with our pricing. No surprises.

We designed our IT services for you.

We designed our IT services for you. That’s why we offer an array of IT support services that cover all your bases from one locally managed IT company. When you work with IntermixIT, you’ll access best-in-class IT solutions from top-notch business partners.